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Meanwhile, if you're already coupled up, make it a cozy date night with bae for some hot fun. You could find yourself in your feelings today, and it might be a family member or something from your past that puts you there. If it does have to do with family, consider this an opportunity to draw boundaries where you need to or begin the process of releasing a toxic relationship. Honor your feelings.

You might find yourself feeling extra opinionated today, especially if someone gets under your skin. Though before you go giving someone a piece of your mind, it may help to take a moment to process what the issue really is rather than respond from a reactive or emotional place.

Creatively, you're golden. Your finances take the spotlight today as you could find yourself in the mood to make an impulse buy or a splurge on something big. If your finances can't handle such an expense, you might want to hold off for now. On a different note, when it comes to the money you earn, it's time to ask for more. You might have the eye of the tiger today, but you may want to try and pace yourself before going too hard too soon. Though what you put your energy into will happen.

If you're feeling crabby, try do so something where you can sweat it out. Find a healthy way to channel any excess or negative energy. Your emotions might be all over the place today, but that's a good sign that you either need more rest or the opportunity to blow off steam. Grab a trusted friend and vent your feelings, or if you're feeling less social, ramp up your self-care regimen and take a timeout. If you feel like your friendships and alliances are shifting, Capricorn, try not to be alarmed.

There's a reason why you may be feeling the way you do, you're evolving. As such, the people that you keep company or associate with should match where you are in your evolution. Don't feel guilty about your growth. You and someone you report to may not be on the same page today, which could have you ready to run for the hills.

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Dec 13 2018

Though instead of doing something impulsive, recognize that this may be a call for you to take more ownership or a hands-on approach in terms of where you are professionally. Boss up. Perception makes all the difference, Taurus. Your soul crew is always on speed dial.


What are you holding on to? Relinquish the reins and let life take its course. When something works out almost synchronistically, take that as a sign. The Universe has a way of giving you what you need at the moment, of providing opportunities that lead to growth.

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You may or may not know what this road is leading you to. The key is to trust. Take each day as it comes. Sharing your story with them is sure to give you the perspective you need right now.

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On the upside, this is a time of joy and celebration in your world. Whether or not you end up talking about the actual problem, being around your those you love is sure to lift your spirits right now. Things to remember today: 1. Everything happens for a reason. Endings are just beginnings in disguise. You are moving closer to your higher purpose. Focusing on the loss will keep you from making space for the many blessings that are coming your way.

But it all starts with the self, Cancer. What people show us is merely a reflection of our relationship with ourselves. So give yourself some of that tender love and care. Tell yourself how special you are.

Daily horoscope for Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Today, you are being asked to heal your relationship with yourself. The same energy can be used to create or destroy, depending on how you choose to use it. Because it will. The key is to keep moving forward and realign yourself with your soul purpose. Trust that things are getting better for you. To put yourself in the shoes of another person. Need motivation to make the first move?

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Remember the love that brought you together in the first place. Besides, the best of us make mistakes, Virgo! It is in your best interest to move past them.

Love or fear? Fear or love?

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Miracles transpire when you choose the evolved path. Libra, you are experiencing relationship zen right now.

Your daily horoscope: December 13 - The Globe and Mail

All your dreams and wishes are coming true. Gratitude is a beautiful practice. Continue to send those good vibes into the Universe. Cosmic tip: Blessed not stressed?